Work Experience; How I Landed My Job at LTM

4th July 2014

Today we have a few words with our music producer Simon Parton. He tells us how he landed his dream job with us, and the benefits of work experience. 
Tell us one unusual thing about yourself

Hmm… I recently wrote some music for a film about a butcher that chops his thumb off - which is later eaten by an old woman. Don’t ask… 

How did you land your job at LTM

Music has always been a massive part of my life, I grew up listening to a range of different music (thanks to my parents) and have played guitar since the age of 6. I started producing my own stuff at 16 and have been in a few bands along the way. I haven’t had any formal work experience in the music industry but have learnt a lot of tricks along the way. I went through school and comp studying music and took it through GCSE, A Level and eventually studied BA Hons Popular Music in Cardiff. I focused on music production, community music and music & autism, but with the ultimate goal of using music to bring people together, share experiences and help people. 

When I graduated, a lot of people doubted that I’d get a job in music - to be honest, so did I (so soon anyway). So pretty much the day I was handing out CVs to cafes, pubs and shops I had a phone call from Nathan to say he heard about me through a mutual friend and wanted to meet. I was offered a full time job as a music producer and workshop tutor, which is pretty much what I wanted to do combined! A lot of hard work, belief and a bit of luck got me where I am today. 

How did you find working with Corey?

Really great! Corey is only 16 and is a real natural talent. It’s stimulating to see someone so young so passionate about not only his own music but other’s as well. It’s great, I wish I'd been as open minded as he is when I was 16.

What did you learn from working with him?

So much! Our production styles are totally different. Corey works on Ableton and has a load of really cool gear (that I wish I had when I was his age!). It’s been great having him sat next to me with his mac, every so often we’re checking out what the other is doing and pick up little hints and tips. 

How do you think companies can benefit from running work experience placements

I think it’s really important, not only for the person on work experience for obvious reasons, but for everyone that works at the company. Who knows what you may learn from the person coming on work experience. I also think it’s really important to think, man, I wish I had that opportunity when I was younger.

Do you think work experience is worth it?

Yes definitely. I think it really puts into perspective how far someone can go in whatever field they’re in. For example, like Corey probably, when I was younger the goal was to become a famous musician/singer songwriter. Work experience can show you that you can get pretty close to your ultimate dream. I think especially through school/college/university work experience can really prove that what you’re doing will eventually be worth it, and hopefully spur you on to work hard and aim high!

Read what Corey got up to during his placement here


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