Top GCSE Revision Tips

26th September 2014

We've been tweeting the office's personal GCSE revision tips today, and here we have a breakdown of the best. 

1) Be Honest 

Do you find yourself revising your 'easy' subjects, and avoiding that one that you just hate? You need to be honest with yourself, and break up the topics you enjoy with the tricky ones. Eg, if you place 30 minutes of some dreaded Maths revision next to something you find fun, it will be easier to keep going. 

2) Get comfortable 

Make sure you create a tranquil work space before you get started. Choose a space with minumum distractions, a clear desk and ideally somewhere you can sit up straight. 

3) Build Confidence 

The best way to build confidence in your abilities is to practice past papers. If you get a question wrong, revise the subject again and repeat the question. Even after you get the question right, do an extra one to make sure you're confident you know it. 


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