The power of music: 4 secrets proven by science!

17th December 2013

Four curiosities about the music and how it is related to learning resources.

1. The songs "satisfaction"

Studies claim music activates the release of dopamine (associated with the reward).

A leisurely meal can raise levels of dopamine to 6%. However, with the music some people get to experience up to a 21% increase!

Dopamine is crucial because it makes us to repeat behaviours. The satisfaction of the music is enhanced in the brain, so that is why we always return to it!

2. Shake your head when we hear rock

This dopamine passes to the cerebellum, an area associated with physical movement. So we started to feel like moving the hips to the salsa or moving the head with a heavy metal song.

3. The musical ear can be moulded

Do not worry if you are not currently Bono from U2. Listen to music from an early help to identify and develop rhythms hearing.

4. A concert does not compare to an iPod

The live performances activate a specific part of the brain by watching someone else perform an action that we too can do. So it could be us, playing in Wembley Stadium…!


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