The Power of Literature

12th February 2015


The wars of the past decade, whether it be Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else, have taken their toll not only for the unfortunate soldiers and their families who have lost their lives, but also on those who have been lucky enough to have come out the other side physically unscathed. Whilst, these fortunate men and women may not bear the physical scars of these horrific conflicts, many carry an equally heavy mental burden of having been witness to human atrocities often including seeing their friends and colleagues seriously injured or killed in the line of duty.

Many questions have been asked about dealing with this severe emotional impact for returning soldiers and many approaches have been developed to help treat conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder. An interesting article featured in Vice Magazine explores one such approach to treating veterans suffering with PTSD. This innovative new method uses literature and the arts to help veterans express, digest and deal with the emotional effects of war.  If you want to read more about the therapeutic power of literature and the arts then just click here to take you to the article.


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