Student Feedback

4th July 2014

Our work experience placement, 16 year old music student Corey has been trialling our LearnThruMusic GCSE revision and given us some feedback. This is what he had to say; 


"I found the site really simple to use and easy to get along with. I think the songs were awesome and very well produced! There was certainly enough information and yeah, I liked the music genre's. It's what me and my friends tend to listen to. I think you should cover ICT because its quite hard to remember all those topics. I hate reading and writing but having all the things you need put to music is really helpful, overall I think its amazing and really helpful for teenagers. Its really cool too and I wish I'd had this to help me with my GCSE’s!" 


If you'd like to hear more of Corey's time with us, you can read more of his blogs here

You can try a free trial yourself, by following this link 



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