Stress Management for Teachers

26th August 2014

September is fast approaching, and it's not just students who will face the stress of the new term. The Guardian reports that stress is at a crisis point in schools, with The Secret Teacher stating ''Something needs to be done urgently because teachers are dropping like flies. I am noticing more and more colleagues are off with stress and depression or related conditions'' 

How can we combat it ? A lovely lot called the Business Health Consultancy  have been running three hour yoga courses with teachers to aid the symptoms of stress and teach aspects of mental awareness, its impact on stress and personal needs. 

During previous courses, the objective was to consider individual differences in the ability to cope with educational change to enable teachers to consider new ways of managing workloads. They used a series of one to to one interviews with key departments and leaders to understand underlying symptoms in the workplace. From the information gained a workshop was provided to introduce teachers on techniques on how to reduce their own stress levels.

What does their three hour introduction workshop involve? They say; 

''The workshop gives an introduction on ways to manage stress in order to successfully navigate its symptoms. Through theoritical frameworks and experiential approaches the session provides insights on how to turn stress into useful information to aid decision-making, improve communication and to be more able to effectively manage teams.'' 







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