Sleep and Memory

12th September 2014

Are you getting enough sleep before starting up the school day?

The results of a recent study in 'Psychological Science' found that sleep deprivation is linked to false memories. Out of the 193 people tested, those who got 5 or less hours of sleep for just one night were significantly more likely to say they’d seen a news video, when they hadn’t.

The study found students were more prone to researchers’ false suggestions when they hadn’t slept more than five hours. They mentioned the suggestions in their responses 38% of the time, while the group that had sufficient sleep only did so 28% of the time. That’s because sleep deprivation leads to problems encoding new information, the authors state.

They say; “Our results also suggest that total sleep deprivation may not be necessary to increase false memory,”  - So losing just a few hours could be enough to mis remember facts. 

Something to think about when studying GCSE's and during exam time! 


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