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22nd April 2014

The exam hall can be a mental marathon, with endurance and preparation being key. An early start is always advantageous, so if you havn't already began - dont panic! just follow these simple steps to exam success.

1. Exercise

Did you know that there is a direct link between excercise and academic achievement? It increases the amount of oxygen to the brain, which not only improves productivity, but reduces stress. The British Journal of Sports Medicine estimate that students  who meet guidelines of being active for 60 minutes a day could raise their average grades from a C to a B. Simple! on your bike. 

2. Colour

When making summary notes, use highlighters or coloured card. Colourful notes are easier to memorise than black and white.

3. Bursts are better

Instead of getting bogged down for hours, it's better to revise in shorter sessions of 30 minutes or so with breaks inbetween. Research has shown that it's best to revise with intense burts of 20 or 30 minutes, as that's when concentration is at its highest. Mix this with short frequent breaks, and start early in the morning.

4. Food for thought

Like athletes carb loading before an event, performance boosting foods are crucial for exams. Avoid sugary treats during the run up to exams, as this unfocused high energy will make you distracted and less able to concentrate. Breakfast is the most important, so make sure to make time for it even if you don't usually bother - Protein-rich foods, such as  nuts, eggs and yogurts are all good choices as they promote brain activity and alertness. Fruits and whole-grain cereals are excellent as well, as they have been shown to encourage quick thinking. 

5. Learn Through Music

Songs, chants, poems, and raps can all help improve memory of content facts and details through rhyme, rhythm, and melody.  We break GCSE revsision down to key points, and have mixed memorable lyrics with catchy tunes. Try a free trial today, and enjoy an Of Mice And Men mash up you won't forget in the exam hall.


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