Pushy Parents and GCSE's

9th September 2014

It's the start of another academic year, and with it comes a new batch of nervous students and well meaning parents. It can be a difficult time for both as you try navigate your way through the boundaries of encouragement and nagging - just read this one Mum's confession.


Hereward Harrison, policy director for Childline, the children's helpline says; 

Exam stress is as much an issue for parents as for their children: be aware of this. Lots of the young people who phone us are worried because their parents are worried, so look at how you're handling the anxiety yourself and try not to pass it on to your child. If you haven't already, sit down with your child and talk through what's going to happen if he or she fails: it's very important to let your child know that it won't be the end of the world, you will be able to work things out. This will do a lot to lower your child's anxiety, and maybe your own.


What can you do to help? 

  • You might not understand the details of their work, but you can help them plan it. Help him or her devise a revision strategy or timetable.
  • Provide a calm and supportive environment at home - don't nag about dishes, and provide practical things like foods and snacks.
  • Let them revise in their own way. Visual learners use flowcharts, spidergrams, charts or mnemonics and there are revision aids on CD or online for auditory learners. 
  • Don't offer bribes. If you bribe your child with cash in return for good results, they will believe that money is the only worthwhile outcome for hard work. It can also cause resentment as it is conditional. 

LearnThruMusic! You can encourage and support your child by purchasing their revision materials - such as stationary, and our online revision songs and resources. 


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