Primary School Education Linked To GCSE Scores?

23rd June 2014

The boost in GCSE results amongst disadvantaged students in London, has been attributed to the quality of primary school education they recieved. The TES reports that disadvantaged pupils in London have made dramatic improvements in the past decade, which has led to them achieving significantly better exam results than those elsewhere in England. According to a study by the Institute of Fiscal Studies, the root of the increased attainment lies in primary schools.

Luke Sibieta, programme director at the IFS and one of the authors of the report, said the work being done in the capital’s primary schools was “crucial”. 

“The higher level and improved performance of disadvantaged pupils in secondary schools in London over the past decade is a remarkable success story,” Mr Sibieta said. 

“Our work suggests that specific policies focused on London secondary schools, such as the London Challenge, may not be the main reason for this improvement. Instead, it appears to derive largely from improved performance in primary schools. Success at primary schools is clearly crucial.”

You can read the full TES article here 


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