Post GCSE Exam Advice ; Avoid Social Media

12th June 2014

It's official; insecurity is socially contagious. We've blogged about this before, and mentioned in previous posts that you should avoid congregating with nervous friends outside the exam hall - it rubs off on you, and you don't need that. 

Chatting about the questions after the exam is just as bad, as your friends may make you question your answers. Fretting over what's already happened is useless - all it will serve to do is make you worry, and you'll carry this doubt into your next exam. This is where social media comes in - thousands of students have been taking to Twitter to discuss the questions and answers, with GCSE hashtags allowing access to the uncertainty of students across the country. 

Instead of torturing yourself with what you missed and linking into the spiderweb of panic, opt out of social media until exams have finished. You can temporarily disable your Facebook account, or make it more difficult for yourslelf by deleting the apps. 

We liked this article by one student on the impact social media had on her exams ;




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