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28th January 2014

If you have an interest in music and volunteering then LoveSupportUnite could have the ideal volunteer opportunity for you!

I’m Guessing most of you are into music..? Music is a beautiful part of African culture too.

In 2011 the Joe Strummer foundation; a foundation dedicated to changing the world through music, funded the Tilinanu music centre. This is a 3-story wooden structure within the grounds of Tilinanu, dedicated to music and learning. As there is no formal musical education in school it opens up possibilities for the girls of Tilinanu. This then has a knock-on effect within the community. As well as being able to express their skills and talents, music allows emotions to come out through self-expression and creativity. We plan to put on shows and provide music lessons to benefit and integrate the community.

We had huge success with this in 2011 as the girls were selected to play at Lake or Stars festival, voted 5th best festival in the world. A life time achievement for the girls.

Through volunteering in the music centre we hope you can give the girls and the community access to skills unavailable through school as well as sharing the joys of music.

"Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and bonds people even thousands of miles apart"

You will see just how true this is…

Most of Africa is blessed with natural rhythm and musical talent – we want to amplify this and have their talents seen and heard…

Check out: for full detials.



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