Music, Memories and GCSE Revision

9th May 2014

We've always preached of the powerful ability music has to evoke memories at LearnThruMusic HQ, and we've found a new entry for our archive in the recent headlines. 

A British mother who was expected to die after a stroke came out of a coma, which lasted for a week after being played songs from her wedding. Maria Neal responded when she heard Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers and Simply Red’s If You Don’t Know Me By Now. Amazing! Follow the link here for the full story

But what does that have to do with GCSE revision? We can all relate to having a song ‘stuck in our head’, without ever consciously trying to remember the lyrics. We have found that songs, chants, poems, and raps can all help improve memory of content facts and details through rhyme, rhythm, and melody.

With our catchy lyrics that capture key points of the GCSE syllabus, you have easy revision that won't abandon you in the exam hall. You can try a free 24 hour trial here;





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