Music and Memory

6th August 2014

Singing aids language learning

Music aids memory. We can all relate to having a song ‘stuck in our head’, without ever consciously trying to remember the lyrics. We have found that songs, chants, poems, and raps can all help improve memory of content facts and details through rhyme, rhythm, and melody.

The link between music and memory is so strong that it can help you learn a foreign language.

Research by Ludke et al. (2013) found that people trying to learn Hungarian, a notoriously difficult language, performed much better if they sang the Hungarian phrases rather than just saying them.

The research indicated that the melody may provide an extra cue which helps embed the memory.

How does this effect your GCSE revision? 

Students can listen to our GCSE revision songs on desktop, tablet and smartphone. Commit facts from Science, English and Maths to memory subliminally, for stress free learning. 



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