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9th December 2014

Got exams coming up? Check out some more of our favourite revision tips… 

1. Start Revising Early! - E.g. Months not days before the exam! Try making a revision timetable too!

2. Don't spend too long making your notes look beautiful - It helps if they're clearly laid out and neat so you can read them, but any more than this and it's a waste of time!

3. Take breaks - Have a short break every hour or so, not every 5-10 minutes! 

4. Revise early in the day - On study leave or the weekend, start revising at 9am, that way you'll have the evening to relax!

5. Stick notes all round the house - So when it comes to your exam you'll remember… "oh yea I remember the answer to this from the note in the toilet…"

6. Prepare your drinks and snacks - this way you won't have an excuse to break every 10 minutes!

7. Choose the right environment - for example, at a proper desk - not in the comfort of your bed.

8. Don't put it off - Try not to procrastinate. Finding the urge to tidy your room (for the first time in 15 years) and more is common, but resist the urge! 

9. Don't just revise! - Don't cut everything else in your life out and just do revision! You'll end up like a zombie!

10. Check out LearnThruMusic - Music and memory go hand in hand. All the scientists say it! Get help with your Maths, English & Science with our award winning revision songs! 


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