LearnThruMusic GCSE Maths coming soon

17th November 2010

LearnThruMusic GCSE Maths coming soon

We are pleased to announce that early 2011 will see the launch of LearnThruMusic GCSE Maths.

LearnThruMusic GCSE Maths, has been created to help young people learn and revise the GCSE Maths syllabus.

At LearnThruMusic we believe that making learning fun is the key to engagement and higher grades.

LearnThruMusic GCSE Maths incorporates the GCSE Maths syllabus into songs and covers the following topics:

• Numbers
• Geometry
• Numbers and powers
• Collecting and sorting data
• Simplifying and substituting
• Transformations
• Fractions
• Equations and inequalities
• Percentages
• Sequences
• Shape, volume, and surface area
• Probability
• Circles
• Ratio and proportion
• Displaying data
• Approximation
• Average and spread
• Transformations
• Substitution and formulae
• Pythagoras’ theorem
• Trigonometry
• Scatter diagrams
• Cumulative frequency
• Probability
• Quadratics
• Algebraic graphs
• Percentages
• Constructions
• Indices and surds
• 3D volumes and surface area
• Standard index form
• Angles in circles
• Algebra
• Co-ordinates and transformations
• Data handling

Keep your eyes peeled on www.learnthrumsuic.co.uk over the next few months we will be posting LearnThruMusic GCSE Maths demos and exclusive free GCSE Maths revision, learning and teaching resources


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