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2nd October 2017

The LearnThruMusic team had the pleasure of working with groups of Year 10s and Year 11s at Greenshaw High School at the beginning of this month. In the final weeks before external and internal exams begin, students took advantage of this great opportunity to get ahead with their revision, trying out the innovative technique of learning through music. Working with our expert musicians and workshop tutors, the young learners undertook two revision activities. One activity involved the students writing and producing their own revision song on a GCSE topic of their choosing, and the other activity involved experiencing our brand-new GCSE revision website – www.learnthrumusic.co.uk.

The students excelled in both of these activities, producing impressive songs and fully immersing themselves in the LearnThruMusic website experience. The songs they produced focused on key quotes from Macbeth and the themes of An Inspector Calls in readiness for their English Literature exams.

The young people spent a significant part of the session experiencing our newly launched website which uses music to help make the content of GCSE syllabuses easier to engage with. It yielded fantastic results! Each student was given their own login to use for the duration of their GCSE courses, and asked to ‘have a go’ and see what they thought of the variety of tools available. From multi-media videos, multiple choice quizzes and notes, to the brand new mix of modern music tracks, there was something for everyone.

Their enthusiasm for this new type of revision technique was clear to see, with students making a whole host of positive comments about the revision tool:

‘the songs had a good catchy beat and were filled with useful information.’

‘very informative and included quotes which I can remember as the song is catchy’ (in reference to the song Macbeth).

‘Too good, this is my jam!’ (in reference to the song Lock and Key Theory).

Many students commented that they struggled with revision and made little effort to revise. By the end of the day, many students commented that this would be their new way of revising which demonstrated to one-and-all, the power of music to engage and educate.


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