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12th January 2015

Did you know that LearnThruMusic also run award winning, accredited courses? 

As a company we focus on using music and songwriting as a medium through which to engage with and teach participants new skills. These may include music production, lyric writing, music performance, singing and more. Almost everyone can enjoy music in one way or another. Music is a fantastic tool for breaking down social barriers and raising confidence, and best of all, it is accessible to all.

We neither expect nor require any previous singing or music production experience. The various technologies and instruments used in sessions enable music making activities to be accessible to all participants, whatever obstacles they may face.

We are able offer accredited Agored Cymru qualifications at various levels, ranging from entry level one and upward to level two. 

LearnThruMusic Courses combine informal lecturing, song lyric writing, debates, question and answer sessions, song recording and more. To make sure participant’s get the most out the course we ensure that all creative decisions are made by participants.


For more information head to: www.learnthrumusiccourses.co.uk


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