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14th July 2014

Did you know that as well as providing the GCSE revision resources you love, we deliever award winning LearnThruMusic courses from a school near you. 

LearnThruMusic courses are ocn accredited interactive learning and key-skills sessions. Young people work together with the assistance of professional mentors and relevant specialists, to create unique songs which inspire participants to learn new skills and topics. Our courses are a combination of informal lecturing, song-lyric writing, debates, question and answer sessions and song recording.  The timetable and specific combination of activities depends on which course is being delivered and the ability of the participants.

We've developed courses for tons of groups; from neet groups, to the disabled or teens who need a confidence boosting class. Since we're ocn accredited, participants will gain a qualification in literacy or entrepreneurship - depending on how the course is tailored.

You can have a look at our testimonials, and book one for your school here




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