LearnThruMusic Ammanford STREET Project Workshops

17th February 2011

During January the LearnThruMusic team worked with Carmarthenshire Council and the Ammanford Street project to run a series of workshops with young people within the region who are classed as NEET (Not In Education Or Training).

The unique learning programme was designed to increase the confidence and self esteem of the young people who partook, and provided young people with a creative way to demonstrate their key skills.

Skills the young people demonstrated throughout the programme include:

- Working as a team

- Working to strict deadlines

- Creative problem solving

- Working well under pressure

Our research indicates that the event was a success with young people and staff commenting on how much fun they had at the event.

Staff feedback

“A really great experience for all who partook”

Young peoples feedback

“It was awesome, really fun and enjoyable”

“Fun got a lot out of it”


The LearnThruMusic team would like to send a big well done to all who partook.


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