Last Minute GCSE Revision Tips

29th April 2014

So, you've left it too late and don't know how to cram your GCSE revision without causing nervous breakdown. For you, we have the best tips on how to effectively use the last of your time.

1. Be realistic. You're not going to be able to get through and memorise everything in the syllabus for all of your subjects, so work out which areas which are the most urgent and work from there. 

2. Don't panic, an overload of stress can cause the brain to temporarily shut down. Print out the syllabus and highlight the areas which you already know. Colour the areas which you need to work on, and cross them out as you go through. This will help you manage your workload, and build confidence in the work you've already done. 

3. Don't waste time. You won't have time to write out all of the revision long hand, and it won't be effective. Instead, change the format; convert the points into a mind map, read them outloud or re-write the parts you didn't already know in your own words. This will use more areas of your brain and make it more likely to stick. 

4. Learnthrumusic. Use our online revision resources, with core GCSE subjects broken down to key points in song. With catchy lyrics that wont abandon you in the exam hall, and online tests so you can check your progress. At just £12 for the package, it's a lot less than revision books for each subject. We have a free 24 hour trial available, so you can try before you buy. 


Just one area you can't get to stick? We sell our revision tracks individually on iTunes at just 0.79p - the perfect revision pal for the bus into school.


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