Improve Your Brain Power!

16th February 2015

I stumbled across a great article posted in the Guardian today. These new principles are being used to radically improve, and even sometimes cure, some brain problems that were previously seen as irreversible:

1. Walk at least two miles a day: This has been proven to reduce the risk of dementia by at least 60%. 

2. Learn a language / new dance / instrument - "These activities engage a part of the brain called the nucleus basalis, which is responsible for helping us to pay attention and to consolidate new connections in the brain when we learn."

3. Do serious brain exercises - Serious brain exercises, which are designed to train specific brain areas for processing sounds and images.

4. Pay close attention to your voice - "If you listen very carefully to what you are saying as you speak – to the sound of it, not just the content – you will refine it, and energise it, into a voice that charges, as opposed to one that drains yourself and others."

5. Get the rest your body requests - "A recent study at the US University of Rochester showed that, during sleep, brain cells called glia open up special channels that allow waste products and toxic buildup in the brain – including the same proteins that build up in dementia – to be eliminated."

For the full article click here


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