How to Start a Study Group

25th September 2014

A study group can be a fun, low stress and sociable way to break into your GCSE revision. We have a few pointers here on how to get started, and how to make it work.

1) Make sure everyone in the group has the same goals. Fill your study group with friends taking similar GCSE subjects, and make sure they want to get in roughly the same amount of hours study time. If your goals match, your study group is more likely to last.

2) Make everyone an expert. Each person in your group is likely to 'get' a certain subject or concept more quickly than someone else. Get this person to teach the others, or produce a mindmap and copy it for everyone. Take it in turns, as teaching someone else is actually a great way to learn new information as well. 

3) Prepare in advance. If you're going to have an expert each week, you'll need to pick a subject the week before to allow the chosen expert to prepare materials. If no one in the group is an expert in this field, choose one at random. The weeks expert will take the week to learn the topic themselves so they can teach the others. Eventually, everyone will have a turn of tutoring and being tutored. 


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