GCSE Worries

22nd August 2014

Beginning Year 10 this September and worried about starting your GCSE's? Don't be, it's normal to be apprehensive and we've answered one students queries on how to handle it.

''I have just come into year 10 and I am really NOT organised. I am really worried this could affect my grades in year 11. How do I get myself in order?'' 

It's easy to become disorganised when you're getting important homework and coursework from all your subjects, especially if you miss something. It's more important this year to keep on top of things, so follow our simple tips; 

1. If you're off for a few days, make sure you catch up with the work you missed. Your teacher is the best person to get you caught up and to explain things to you, because he or she is the expert in the class – not your friends.

2. Arrange a schedule to help you manage your time after school.  Prioritize academics, athletics, family time, social time, and devote a specific amount of time to any of the aforementioned that are important to you.

3. Always be honest with your teachers. If you had a difficult night at home and forgot to do your homework, don’t lie about it. Teachers will respect you so much more for being truthful, and will be able to help you if they know what's going on.

Did you find these tips useful? You can read more of our back to school advice here 


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