GCSE Stress

26th August 2014

Starting your GCSE's this September? New research has found that teenagers who stress about doing well in their GCSE exams are likely to get lower results than peers who remain calmer.

How much does it affect your grade? the research suggests pupils who worried about grades scored up to one and a half grades lower than their calmer peers. The difference between those who never worried and those that always did could be the difference between an A* and a B grade, the researchers said.

Some of the statements pupils were asked if they agreed with included "I am anxious while taking exams", "If I fail an exam I am afraid I will be rated stupid by my friends" and "During exams I find myself thinking about the consequences of failing".

The results are being presented to the British Educational Research Association (Bera) and showed there was a link between worry and performing badly in exams - even after the pupils' previous achievements were taken into account.

You can read the full BBC article here.

Looking for stress busting tips? read our blog on how to cope with GCSE stress here 


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