GCSE Revision Tips

23rd September 2014

It may still be the first term, but it's never too early to kickstart your GCSE revision plan. Today we have a few fun tips to get you started; 

1. Practice past papers. 

Doing a few past papers is vital, not just to familiarise yourself with exam style questions but to perfect your time management skills. It's useful to practice how much time you dedicate to each question.

2. Start a study group.

Starting a study group early on in the year can be a good way to learn from others, and keep stress levels low. Make sure to include breaks and set each member with a task; eg with one responsible for bringing past papers, another in charge of mindmapping a topic for the group. 


Different people learn in differnt ways, and it's important to find a learning style which works for you. Visual students may prefer mind maps, where more auditory learners will benefit from our GCSE revision songs.

4.Reward Yourself 

It's important to reward yourself for hard work so you don't get too bogged down with things. Set yourself goals, and when you achieve them reward yourself with a day off with friends, or an episode of something which makes you laugh.  

5. Make the most of online resources 

The internet is rich with blogs and advice on how to handle the run up to exams, and there are plenty of tips from past students to get you started. 

If you want something a little more interactive, try our GCSE revision package including Maths, Science and English. We have online tests, songs, videos and interactive lyric sheets you can add your own notes to. 



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