GCSE Revision + Dyslexia

17th June 2014

We've had some enquiries recently into whether LearnThruMusic is suitable for dyslexics - and it is! Our founder Nate is dyslexic, and found that revising by making up songs is what worked for him. It's actually what inspired him to start up the business. 

Nate is now a Young Ambassador of the Year for The Prince's Trust, and being dyslexic and undiagnosed until the age of 21 he visits schools and gives motivational talks to students about how he turned his life around. 

Our top tip for dyslexic students sitting GCSE exams ? Use the extra time. You should always use the extra time alloted to you, even if you have finished to go through your answers. Don't be distracted by others leaving.

Whether you're a dyslexic student or a parent of a dyslexic student, you can sign up to our GCSE revision package here. You'll have access to our GCSE revision songs, interactive lyric sheets and our additional notes. 




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