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24th April 2014

On The Day

So you've done all the revision, practiced the past papers and can't get our Maths mash ups out of your head. Make sure you don't fall at the final hurdle; the exam hall. When nerves kick in it can all fall apart, so follow our tips on how to keep your cool; 

1. Which exam are you sitting? Make sure to check what equipment you'll need; Calculator? Protractor? pack everything the night before to avoid anxiety.

2. Be certain to know which exam hall you're using, and arrive in plenty of time. When you get there, don't start fretting with friends who havn't revised and are cramming ; they'll  only confuse you and leave you second guessing youself (even though you prepared) 

3. Have a scan through the paper and set a time limit for each section; this will prevent you wasting too much time on any one area so you can hit as many questions as possible and maximise marks. 

4. Do you know what you've been asked? make sure you're answering the question given - not what you think you're being asked. The best way to tackle this is by reading the question through twice before attempting it.

5. If you've started to run out of time, use bullet points with the key parts - such as what formula you would have used. 



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