GCSE Maths revision

17th May 2011

The launch of our range of GCSE Maths learning song is now only one week away. To celebrate the forthcoming release of GCSE Maths LearnThruMusic check out the video link below for a fun take on the history of Mathematics.

A History of Mathematics

GCSE Maths coming soon, featuring learning songs covering 14 topics:

Topics covered

1.       Circles, Area and Volume of shapes

2.       Collecting and Sorting Data

3.       Fractions

4.       Percentages

5.       Powers

6.       Probability

7.       Simplification and Substitution

8.       Pythagoras

9.       Algebra, Substitution and Formulas

10.    Algebraic Graphs

11.   Angles in Circles and Triangles

12.   Scatter Diagrams

13.   Equations’ and Inequalities

14.   Displaying Data

Check out the shop for demos of all our learning songs.


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