GCSE Maths Revision tips

2nd May 2014

Maths revision is different from other subejects, you can't just read through the textbook. The only way to revise maths is to do maths. You will do much better by spending 20 minutes doing maths questions than spending two hours just reading a textbook. The more questions you do, the higher your confidence will be, and the better you will do in the exam. 

Ofcourse, as well as practicing the questions, learning the formula's through music is a proven method of making them stick. 

We've made our  GCSE Math's revision demo's available on youtube ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQgytq0pK80

You can also enjoy a free 24 hour trial ; http://learnthrumusic.co.uk/sign-up/#trial-account


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