GCSE Maths Revision: Quadrilaterals

5th April 2017

GCSE Maths Revision

Understanding Quadrilaterals - the basics for you exam!


For your GCSE Maths examination you will need to know the 6 different types of quadrilaterals and their associated properties. Let’s take a look at all 6 types:


  1. The square - it has sides of equal length, it’s opposite sides are parallel and all angles in a square are 90 degrees

  2. The rectangle - has opposite sides of equal length and all angles are 90 degrees

  3. The rhombus - opposite sides are parallel, all sides are of equal length

  4. The trapezium - has one set of opposite sides that are parallel

  5. The parallelogram - diagonally opposite angles are equal, the diagonals bisect each other

  6. The kite - two pairs of sides of equal length, the diagonals cross at 90 degrees

These are just some of the properties of each of these shapes. To find out more about quadrilaterals check out our song specifically for your Maths GCSE revision and you will be sure to pass with flying colours! For other GCSE Maths subjects, take a look at our Maths page and see how we can help you enjoy revising for your exams this summer!


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