GCSE Maths Revision: Probability 2

4th April 2017

GCSE Revision

GCSE Mathematics – further information on probability

Relative frequency, Conditional probability, Venn Diagrams


These handy notes will help you with remembering the ways we measure probability for your GCSE Maths exam. You should check out both of our songs on probability – Probability 1 and Probability 2 – these will give you a head start for your revision!


  • Relative frequency is the probability from an experiment, such as how many times you might flip a tail in a coin toss. You could for example get 57 heads and 43 tails. Flipping a head would have a probability of 57/100. That could also be seen as 57% and tails 43%.


  • Conditional probability is when one event effects the probability of another. In a sock drawer full of 5 pink and 5 purple socks, every time you take out a pair of pink socks the probability of getting a purple pair the next time is increased.


  • Venn diagrams help us to show the relationships between probability. For example, you might draw the correlation between every cat who has a collar in your neighbourhood also being black and white. Or every child in the local primary school who has sandwiches for lunch also has a packet of crisps. Half of those children might also have a chocolate bar. 10/10 kids with sandwiches have crisps and 5/10 have chocolate.


Now that you know the key facts, take our multiple choice quiz to see how much you have remembered and to see if you are ready for your GCSE Maths exam. Good luck!



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