GCSE Maths Resits

27th August 2014

We recently saw an inspirational story in the news, detailing how a mother of three who left school at 16 without qualifications sat her GCSE's this year - with her now 16 year old daughter. 

Obtaining an A grade in GCSE Maths, and C in English, the 35 year old is proof that you're never too old to continue in education.

Many sixth forms and colleges now require students to obtain a C grade in GCSE English and Maths, so if you havn't achieved this you may have to resit. We have GCSE Maths revision songs for topics such as percentages, pythagorus, fractions and more. 

We found this BBC article on what to do if you're dissapointed with your grades, and want to resit really useful. 


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