GCSE History Revision: Elizabethan England: The Spanish Armada & Voyages of Discovery

29th March 2018

GCSE History Revision - Made Easy!

Everything you need to know about Elizabethan England: The Spanish Armada & Voyages of Discovery !

Philip of Spain was upset with Elizabeth for not wanting to marry him and wanted the country to be Catholic. He decided to send the Armada to defeat England. However, his plan did not work as the English navy had better ships, tactics and equipment to successful stop the Armada. Few ships survived the attack and damage. With Hawkins and Drake on the path of exploration, they began to set up the ‘New World.’ Elizabeth supported this new colony and embarked on a new plan to make England wealthy, through the trade of silks and spices with these new found voyages.

Make sure to check out our music video on "Elizabethan England: The Spanish Armada & Voyages of Discovery", try to remember every lyric, and then have a go at our test!


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