GCSE History Revision: Elizabethan England: Religion

29th March 2018

GCSE History Revision - Made Easy!

Everything you need to know about Elizabethan England: Religion!

The religious situation in England was very difficult due to the conflicting Catholics and Protestants. There was a lot of pressure from both groups to establish their prospective religious views with the Elizabethan government.

The Puritans were not in agreeance with Queen Elizabeth’s strict policies and punishments, however, they prefered her over Queen Mary who was very much in support of the Catholics. Elizabeth was seen as weak in her decisions toward Catholics as she was reluctant to create a confrontational environment and initially put policies in place that favoured the Catholic community.

Make sure to check out our music video on "Elizabethan England: Religion", try to remember every lyric, and then have a go at our test!


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