GCSE History Revision: Elizabethan England: Elizabethan Theatres

29th March 2018

GCSE History Revision - Made Easy!

Everything you need to know about Elizabethan England: Elizabethan Theatres!

The Elizabethan theatres were set up in large, open air galleries. The seating areas were categorised by your level of wealth in society. Many elements of modern theatre were obviously not yet established so the format of the Elizabethan theatres was very different to what we know today. Men played the role of female parts, nor was there any lighting, scenery or curtains to assist with telling the story. Instead, they had to use dramatic introductions and subplots.

The theatre was an important social scene in England and it was enjoyed by all levels of society, including Queen Elizabeth. William Shakespeare’s work became a product of the theatres. With success and enjoyment, also came difficulties. Censorship laws had to be introduced with political and religious views being explored. Disease, gambling and general acts of crime were rife as people congregated in close quarters.   

Make sure to check out our music video on "Elizabethan England: Elizabethan Theatres!", try to remember every lyric, and then have a go at our test!



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