GCSE Geography: Facts About Erosion

5th May 2017

GCSE Geography Revision. Made Easy
GEOGRAPHY - All you need to know about erosion!
Here we make learning about erosion really easy. With the facts broken down alongside our erosion song, you should be on the way to getting the best grades you can in your GCSE geography exams.
Erosion is when materials are worn away and broken down. This happens along the river bed and banks as well as in particles in the water. When it comes to river erosion there are four main types. You’ll have to learn what these are and know how they break down materials.
The four main types of river erosion:
● Abrasion
● Attrition
● Solution
● Hydraulic action
Abrasion is where rocks that are being carried in the riverstream knock into the river bed and banks of the river and wear away at them.
Attrition also involves rocks in the riverstream. Rocks in the water knock into each other and break themselves into pieces. The more and more they bash into each other the smoother and rounder they get.
Solution again involves materials in the riverstream; however, these are just small particles that erode and dissolve into the water.
Hydraulic action erodes the river banks and bed but unlike abrasion it is the force of the water that causes this erosion. The pressure of the water and trapped air is forced into cracks in the river banks and river bed meaning they weaken and erode over time.
If you remember these key facts and are able to use them in the exam then there’s no need to worry! To help you out we have also written a song on erosion which is definitely worth a listen!


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