GCSE Exam Dont's

20th August 2014

We've previously posted how to best approach the exam hall during GCSE's, but what about the don'ts? 

It's been reported that students sitting their exams are losing up to 5% off their marks due to simple grammar mistakes, text talk, and poor hand writing. 

What are the most common mistakes that have lost students marks? poor spelling, punctuation and a lack of capital letters. 

The Daily Mail reports; 

''A ‘widespread misuse’ of apostrophes and incorrect spellings of words such as volcano – which appeared in the question.

Markers also lamented the growing problem of ‘indecipherable handwriting’ and the use of ‘textspeak’ instead of proper English.

Former education secretary Michael Gove introduced the penalty for poor English in 2013 amid warnings that thousands of school-leavers struggle to compose a coherent letter or email. Employers have repeatedly complained that poor literacy standards among new recruits are forcing them to provide remedial classes in the three Rs.

Under the new rules, examiners can deduct up to 5 per cent of marks for poor written English in history, geography, English literature and religious studies. English language GCSEs already included marks for the quality of writing.''

You can read the full Daily Mail story here 


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