GCSE Exam Day Tips

10th June 2014

You've almost made it through your GCSE exams in one piece, but take a look at these exam day tips to ensure stress doesn't get the best of you before they end. 

  • Have a good breakfast, even if you don't feel like it. You'll find it hard to concentrate over the noise of you stomach growling. 
  • Make sure you know where the exam is being held and at what time. You should do this a few days beforehand, incase that hall isn't quite where you think it is. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive in.
  • Pack your equipment the night before, and bring extra pens just in case to put your mind at rest. A bottle of water and pack of tissues are handy too.
  • Avoid gathering with friends who are stressing out, it's contagious. Instead, find a quiet corner to calmly read over notes. 
  • If you feel really anxious, try to slow down and control your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply. 


We found these tips really useful too ; https://www.thecalmzone.net/help/get-help/exam-stress/?gclid=CN7Cl4SK774CFQvItAodoQ4ArQ



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