GCSE English Revision- Heroes

3rd June 2014

We're always adding new revision songs to the range of GCSE English texts we cover, and are pleased to have the popular 'Heroes' amongst our English Literature selection. With our new 'Heroes' revision song, you can listen to details of the plot, and use our additional online notes on the text. 

Heroes was published in 1998, by American novelist Robert Cormier and is set just after the Second World War.

Heroism is a strong theme throughout the novel, with the question of what makes a hero asked and suggested by many characters. Francis is celebrated as a hero for his efforts in the war. He doesn't believe himself to be a hero, as his motives for jumping on the grenade were not to save the other troops. Is he a hero ? Listen to a demo of our Heroes revision song for more!  http://learnthrumusic.co.uk/subjects/


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