GCSE English- Of Mice And Men Revision

29th April 2014

Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men', the popular American novel and GCSE English Literature text is currently running on Broadway. The cast boasts Hollywood heartthrob James Franco as George and the IT crowds's Chris O' Dowd as Lennie.

Lennie Small was allegedly inspired by a mentally ill laborer who John Steinbeck saw kill a ranch foreman with a pitchfork. Chris O'Dowd, bases his portrayal on a British neighbor, explaining; "He would kind of lose his temper once in a while, but the rest of the time he was lovely."

Hollywood actor James Franco's performance has earned mixed reviews, but critics have largely applauded Mr. O'Dowd's depiction of Lennie. Particularly his left hand: The only delicate part of the hulking character, it flits about in contrast with the rest of his lumbering body, pinkie daintily extended at all times. Mr. O'Dowd imagines himself holding a conductor's baton in his left hand, because so much of Lennie's story is about listening to George, he says. "I liked the idea that he's conducting George's story." - An interesting point to think about when studying the text.


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