GCSE English Literature Revision: Lord of the Flies: Themes (higher level)

4th April 2017

Lord of the flies – Revision notes – Higher Level English Literature

Below are some revision notes to help you get to grips with the main themes in the novel Lord of the Flies. If you have studied this book as a part of your English Literature GCSE, you will find that the revision notes and Lord of the Flies song will help to reinforce your learning and jog your memory in an exam.


  • Lord of the Flies was written in 1954 by William Golding and was a best seller.


  • The book follows the journey of a group of boys who are stranded on a desert island and their fall from being a group of civilised kids into a group of savages.


  • After crash landing the boys become two distinct groups/gangs.  One gang wants to uphold the rules they know from home, the other wants a new kind of life where they just do as they please. Different characters take on roles which represent the old life they knew or the new savage lifestyle.


  • Some of the young people want to go home and the others would rather stay on the island. This becomes a problem and creates divisions.


  • There are several symbols within the book including; The conch (civilised democratic process), the beast (the beast inside humans), Piggy’s glasses (intelligence and learning) and the Pig’s decaying head (The Lord of the Flies).


  • The book takes a look at the effects of agreed rules and morals and what happens when these are taken away.


Take a look at our Lord of the Flies Higher level English GCSE revision notes and song for more information on the main themes. For other English, Science and Maths songs and revision notes go to…..



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