GCSE English Literature Revision: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: Characters

4th April 2017

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Characters -  GCSE English Literature Revision notes

If you have been studying the novel Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for your English GCSE, our revision notes come in handy to help you to remember the main characters within the text.

The notes, along with the rap, will help to jog your memory for your essays and exams.


  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. It has remained a popular text which displays the good and bad sides of humanity.


  • Dr Jekyll is part of polite (wealthy/educated) society and his work is to help the sick and needy. He has another dark side to him though, and he struggles to reconcile the two parts of himself.


  • He creates a potion which is supposed to separate the bad side from him. However, all that really happens is that he now has two personalities. The bad side now has no rational and kind side to stop it from running wild.


  • Edward Hyde is the bad side with no conscience or rational thoughts. He is the embodiment of an ego who desires only dark pleasures.


  • Gabriel Utterson seeks to investigate the strange happenings. He is reserved and dignified and a prominent lawyer.


  • Other more minor characters include; Mr Enfield (the friend of Utterson), Mr Guest (Utterson’s Clerk) and Mr Danvers who is Utterson’s friend. All are upstanding Victorian gentlemen.


  • Hastie Lanyon is a reputable London doctor. He doesn’t like the supernatural and is saddened greatly by what he discovers has happened.


  • Mr Poole is Jekyll’s butler. He is the one who sounds the alarm as he cares for the Doctor and is scared of what is happening.


For more help with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde GCSE English revision, check out our Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde rap. It will help to get the information you need into your memory. For more information on English, Maths and Science GCSE revision go to….



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