GCSE English Literature; A View From The Bridge

25th April 2014

As part of our FREE character profiles for 12 key GCSE texts, we want to help you revise and learn GCSE English and GCSE English Literature to your full potential.

We have listed profiles of the key characters from A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller below. We hope the information provided helps you with your GCSE English Literature revision.

Eddie Carbone – Eddie Carbone is a docker. He lives with his wife, Beatrice and orphaned niece, Catherine. Eddie is unable to express himself very well. His lust for Catherine leads to his undoing.

Catherine – Catherine is Eddie and Beatrice Carbone’s niece. Catherine is intelligent, pretty, popular and Italian. Catherine wants her uncle to be happy with her despairs when Eddie does not like Rodolpho- the man she hopes to marry.

Beatrice – Beatrice is Eddie Carbone’s wife and is Catherine’s aunt. Beatrice is a kind woman, having raised Catherine from a young age she is like a mother figure to her.

Marco – Marco is Beatrice’s cousin. Marco is a hard working character who came from Italy to America to make money to send home to his family.

Rodolpho – Rodolpho is Beatrice’s Italian cousin. Rodolpho prefers singing to working on the docks. To the other men Rodolpho is not very masculine because he loves to sing, dance, cook and sew. Rodolpho wishes he was an American and seeks his fame and fortune in America.

Mr. Lipari – Mr Lipari is the butcher who above the Carbone’s. Eddie tries to blame Mr. Lipari for tipping off the Immigration office about Marco and Rodolpho.

Mrs. Lipari – Mrs Lipari is Mr Lipari’s wife who lives above the Carbone’s. Mrs. Lipari gives Marco and Rodolpho a room in her home when Eddie forces them to leave his house.

Two “Submarines” - Two Submarines are the illegal immigrants who are hiding upstairs in the Lipari house.

Alfieri – Alfieri is an Italian-American lawyer. Alfieri narrates the play. His aim is to vocalise the moral and social implications in the play.

Mike – Mike is a docker and friends with Eddie and Louis.

Louis – Louis is a docker and friends with Eddie and Mike.

Tony – Tony is a friend of the Carbone family. He assures that Marco and Rodolpho get off the ship safely and takes them home.


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