GCSE English Language Revision: Fiction Analysis 2

4th April 2017

GCSE English Language Revision

Fiction Analysis 2 – English Language

Here are some revision notes to help you with your English Language GCSE essays and exams. You can apply this to any work of fiction and to some non-fiction too. It will help you to break down the different elements within a text or extract to make your analysis and writing that much more effective.



Take some time to look at the question. Highlight the most important words and work out the meaning. You will make reference to this throughout your essay/answer.


  • You may be asked if you agree or disagree with something in the story. You will need to look for examples which support or discredit your chosen angle.



  • Look for layers of meaning within the text. What specific words and imagery does the writer use to create the tone and mood?


  • Look at the language which is used, what effect does it have? Does it create suspense? How does the dialogue add to the tension or mood?



  • Start with an introduction, then you have the main body of paragraphs and then a conclusion.
  • The introduction will set out the main crux of the essay.
  • The main body will contain your points and the evidence/quotes from the text which support your points.
  • Remember to link back to the question where you can.
  • You can use connecting words to link together your arguments, use words like ‘in contrast’ or ‘alternatively’.
  • Does the writer use literary devices like similes or metaphors?



  • What conclusions have you made through analysing the text? Pull all the strands together and make a final statement which is convincing and insightful.

These tips provide the basic structure for writing a good essay. For more information on how to write a good essay and to carry out an effective analysis, take a look at our catalogue of English Language Revision songs, available here at LearnThruMusic. 


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