GCSE English Language Revision: Fiction Analysis 1

4th April 2017

GCSE Revision Notes

Fiction Analysis 1 – English Language


Here are some revision notes to help you with your English Language GCSE essays and exams. You can apply this to any work of fiction and to some non-fiction too. It will help you to break down the different elements within a text or extract.



Prose, poetry, drama, flash fiction, novellas and short stories.

These can be thrillers, children’s books, romantic novels, comedic novels, detective stories etc.



They might be about love, loss, power, society, mental health, an adventure, all kinds of things about real life and fantasy.



This is the term for the way a character is formed and presented. This includes the language used to describe them and their background, as well as the way they talk and behave.



This includes the the plot and the way the book is put together. Chapters, paragraphs and sentences are all used to create a novel. Are they arranged in a certain way? Does the story go back through time? Does it start at the end of the tale and work back? Go through the text and highlight the things you notice.



Who is telling the tale, is it from one perspective or several? Is there a narrator?

Who do you think it was written for, was it for a certain audience?


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