GCSE English Language: Non-Fiction Text Types

28th June 2021

What is non-fiction and what types of writing are non-fiction?

Non-fiction is a type of the English Language that isn’t made up, it’s fact or acting as fact. Non-fiction texts have many different types and purposes. You will witness non-fiction texts in everyday life but can also come in more sophisticated forms. 

Non-fiction text is based on facts. If a text isn’t made up, then it is non-fiction. From the back of cereal boxes to a text book in the Library, non-fiction texts pop up everywhere. They can range from a review of a new Xbox game to a newspaper article. They can be written for different reasons and aimed at different audiences.

Non-fiction texts include:

  • advertisements

  • reviews

  • letters

  • diaries and blogs

  • newspaper articles

  • information leaflets

  • magazine articles

Literary Non-Fiction

There is also a type of writing called literary non-fiction which uses similar techniques to fiction but to create interesting writing based on real events. These techniques can be vivid imagery or rhetorical devices. This enables the reader to be excited when reading the piece of non-fiction. The main purpose is to entertain whilst being informative about actual events or information. Literary texts include:

  • feature articles

  • essays

  • travel writing

  • accounts of famous events

  • sketches (normally a fact file profile that gives key information about a person, place or event)

  • autobiographies (where you write about yourself) or biographies (where someone else writes about you) - these texts may be written by sportspeople, politicians, celebrities or other people who aren’t well-known

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