GCSE English; Heroes, Characters.

6th June 2014

We've recently added a revsion song for the American novel 'Heroes' to our package. Here we have some notes on characters - we have fuller notes on the novel alongside our revision song which can be trialled for free and bought for £12. 


The main characters in Heroes are Francis Cassavant, Larry LaSalle and Nicole Renard.

  • Although awarded a Silver Star for his efforts in the war, Francis feels that he is not a hero. He joined the army because he wanted to die, and believes he fell on the grenade to kill himself not save others. He does not believe he is a hero because his motives were not heroic. The idea of what makes a hero is a theme throughout the novel, and a question raised by many characters.
  • We also see he has a sense of shame and guilt, and it's this guilt over Nicole's rape by Lasalle which he did not prevent, which drives him.
  • Francis's Catholic education also fuels his guilt. We see him pray in church in chapter one, and is unable to commit suicide as it would be a sin. 


Listen to the demo of our Heroes revision song to learn more ; http://learnthrumusic.co.uk/subjects/




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