GCSE Chemistry: States of Matter

5th April 2017

GCSE Science revision notes - understanding the basics

GCSE Chemistry States of Matter


For your GCSE Chemistry examination it is crucial that you know that there are three states of matter. Let’s take a look at what these are - you are likely to be very familiar with them!

  • Gas
  • Liquid 

  • Solid


Each state has different properties and these are really important as it tells us why gases, liquids and solids behave differently. The arrangement and movement of the particles, which is called the kinetic particle theory, is crucial, so let’s see what the properties are for each different state:


  • Gas - particles are far apart and are arranged completely randomly. They move quickly and have no bonds so can move freely in all directions. Gases flow freely, but can be contained and squashed

  • Liquid - particles are close together but not fixed. They are still arranged randomly and are able to move. However, their movement is limited to moving around one another. Liquids flow, but unlike gases can not be compressed or squashed

  • Solid - particles are tightly packed together and arranged in a regular pattern. They vibrate on the spot and can not move any more than that. Solids have a fixed shaped and can not be compressed or squashed


A substance can change shape. In order to achieve this change it usually needs to be heated or cooled. To cause melting you must heat a substance - the substance will then evaporate - changing state. To cause condense or freeze a substance it must be cooled down - again, this allows a change of state to occur.


Now that you know the key properties of the 3 states of matter, why not take a look at our GCSE Revision song The Three States of Matter which will help you memorise all the important facts and make revising easier. For other songs on other GCSE Science subjects, take a look at…….


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