GCSE Chemistry: Group 7: Halogens

5th April 2017

GCSE Chemistry - the Halogens of Group 7

More revision information on the periodic table for your GCSE Exam!


For an introduction to the periodic table have a listen to our song ‘An introduction to the perioidic table’. This will inform you about the key facts you must understand in order to be able to interpret the table effectively for your GCSE. From it, you will learn that group 7 is referred to as a special name - the halogens. Let’s find out more about these specific elements.


Group 7 includes:

  • Fluorine (F)

  • Chlorine (Cl)

  • Bromine (Br)

  • Iodine (I)

  • Astatine (At)


Some of the characteristics of the Group 7 elements include:

  • They are located to the left of the noble gases

  • They form salts when they react with metals

  • Chlorine produces a green gas and is used for sterilising water

  • Bromine turns liquid orange and is used for making plastic and pesticides

  • Iodine is a grey solid and is used for sterilising wounds

  • Have low melting points

  • Have low boiling points

  • Fluorine has the lowest boiling point

  • At room temperature: chlorine and and fluorine are gases, bromine is liquid and bromine and astatine are solids

  • The become less active as you go down the group - therefore fluorine is the most reactive

  • A more reactive halogen will displace a less reactive halogen

  • Halogen displacement reactions are known as redox reactions because the

  • halogens gain electrons

These are some of the simple things you need to know about the way that the Group 7 Halogens behave. For more information on these have a listen to our song on the halogens which can be found here. For other songs on GCSE chemistry content, check out the available content here.


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